20 February 2012

test drive jap :P

As the saying goes,"music unites people",it actually does. I started guitar when I was 12,
I started to listen to Avril Lavigne since I was 6,and now as I grew the music grows with me,
revolves and change according to my age. What are the proofs of confirming the truth of the
saying?I dont know the exact answer,but I can portray you some situation.

    When I was in kindergarden,we all sang "head and shoulder,knees and toes,
knees and toes,knees and toes
." bla bla bla. while singing the song,the teacher wud pointed out
the head,shoulders,knees and toes.I didnt know wat I was doing or even sing that time. I just
memorize the pronouncation,melody and actions so that I could join the whole class singing and
dancing. I didnt know what "mary had a little lamb" was all about. I thought she had a lamp. and thats all i could ever think off when I first listened to the song.
"baa baa black sheep" was a story of a sheep that sells its wool to people around.
I didnt know that if my mum didnt buy the sing-along VCD of those kindergarden's
songs.wif that VCD I learned that Mary had a little LAMB,not lamp.and her lamb's fleece was
white as snow. I would sing "is-is-wos-wai-say-so" at that "its fleece was white as snow" part.
#true story

    Alright,enough about my childhood memories. Back to our main point here,when I was in kindergarden,
my classroom consists of all different races;malay,chinese,indians and sikh.
Harvin's Kindergarden was my very first school. We all sang together,and have fun together despite our different name and skin colour.
Eventhough I had that decent look,I wasnt that shy-and-quite type of student in my class.
In fact I was one of the loud students.(until now). But we all seemed to enjoy each other's loudness and laughter.(NOT like now).
when it comes to the singing session,we will all sang together,laughed and danced together.We were like
happy siblings.I miss those moments.Every wednesday,we would have our morning exercise,all of us with our white shirts and white shorts will dance along wif our teacher instructing.
We usually use the "mambo no 5" song. hahaha. maybe it has
that counting in the lyrics,"one,two,three,four,five" and we can learn and play at the same time. Each one of us has their own characteristics and behaviour. But we all danced wif the same steps. see,music unites people. :)

    When I was in primary school,I had my first stage performance.DIKIR BARAT.I am the lead singer or in other words
"tukang karut" haha.the song we sang was "dikir puteri" originally sang by Noraniza Idris". I was once told that "You cant have a million friends without having hundreds of enemies." scary but true. we dont have that mean bitches and hot jocs like in those stereotype western movies,but we do have some dissatisfaction,hatred and backstabbers among us back in my primary age.
So the story goes like this,
          At first it wasnt me,who was chosen to be the lead singer for the performance. It was someone else. and my best friend,Firdaus Abu Hassan,called me when i was in the class-gossiping wif my girlfriends,to come with him to the hall. He had recommended me to be the lead singer for the performance. The teacher asked for another singer maybe because she wasnt satisfied with the 1st one.lucky me! I am the chosen one :) the teacher looked happy when I started to sing. (thank God i knew the song because I used to sing that same song wif my sister)
then i remembered there's a voice behind me said,
"ur voice sounds like u stucked something in ur throat!". woahh. big enemy behind u,bella. I just smiled,and ignore it. My eyes said to them,"u still have to work with me,biatch" wink! haha so i go on and sing wif my something-stucked-in-my-throat voice
and that jealous people had to sing behind me. see,despite their hatred towards me,they still can (or have) to work together
with me for the performance. another proof of music unites people. even between enemies. :)

    I started my secondary school in Sek Men Keb Puchong Utama (1).We had about 2300 students here. With that huge amount of students,there was a huge gap between academic achievement and of course,lots of different cliques among students as well.
There was the seniors,juniors,not-that-senior and not-very-junior.
We had the nerds,the shufflers,the rempits,the cut school students,the skip class students,the good and bad prefects,the queit and noisy librarians,the hottest and the coolest and u name it.We had it all.
Wat about me?Well,I was in the solo movement. I can be in any clique. (call me traitor,i dont care). I just dont see the need of having the groups or staying in the same social network all the time.
I went to recess with different people,I went to school with different people,I gossip in the washroom with different people,I had my breakfast wif different people.I think it's important to see the world with different views,having lots of friends can help u to sharpen your social skills.
 Having friends that:
  •  come from a poor family,makes u realized how lucky u are to have enough food to eat,enough money to buy books and pay fees.
  • are orphans makes u Thank God for still having ur parents by ur side,babbling to u if u didnt study,nagging u to go to sleep early.
  • had attitude problems makes u understand the reason why they become who they are now.Some of them are just an innocent victim of the demanding situation.That's why we cant judge a book by its cover.
  • are not very brilliant in studies can help urself to learn how to be humble,down to earth and dont brag wif wat u have.
Having these kinds of friends can help u to be a better person besides giving u a chance to help people.
We can share ideas,experience,knowledge,money and love. Sharing is caring.As long as u hold on to your faith and handle the peer pressure wisely,
You will be alright.
#dengar tu adik-adik. haha

    So,All of us came from different backgrounds,interests and belief. and how do i adapt myself in these
different cliques? besides accepting them the way they are and respecting their difference,music is one of the answers. :)
WE love greenday,WE love Sum 41,WE love Avenged sevenfold,WE love Cradle of filth,WE love BEP,WE love M Nasir,WE love Britney Spears,WE love Mohabattein,WE love Kuch Kuch Hota Hai,WE love P. Ramlee,WE love Ramli Sarip,WE love music!
When u can talk about music together,of course u can talk about other things,together.
again,music unites people. :)

    Maybe if we talk about Justin Bieber,u wud totally disagree wif my opinion of music uniting people. Frankly speaking,i didnt like him that much (sorry girls). But i didnt hate him either (sorry boys). I had a friend who was really into Justin Bieber.Her name was Janice Bieber and my other friend was Saei Bieber.(yeah,the last name is not their real name).If u said anything true about Justin Bieber such as "JB is a girl" in front of them,u would be killed by them.No kidding. They would go mad!
They are people who are so obsessed with JB and wud cry if JB marries Selena Gomez,and there are people who wud smash the`radio everytime that Baby song is on air. but still,music unites people. Music unites people who totally devoted their life to Justin Bieber.(they are all over the world).
Music unites people who fucking hate Justin Bieber (they are all over the universe)
and most of all,music unites people to talk about Justin Bieber.
worship him or curse him,either way you are still talking bout him
:D told ya,
music unites people

k dah habis bajet tulis artikel macam kat Reader's Digest. haha. Saja na test drive. :P

19 February 2012

I Love you so much hunny :)

I want thissssss so badly T_T

okay, benda ni ipod touch 4th gen. I'm willing to kill to have this. nak ni.. klu ada sapa2 baik hati nak derma kat saya ni,sila bagitahu ye.

alaa,murah je. cuma saya je tak mampu. klu ada ni,mudah la saya na upload video saya yang bajet hot tu kat yutiub. and lagi mudah saya nak bajet2 hot amek gmba everywhere i go, and bertambah senang saya na bajet online guna wi-fi free kat kfc.  *lagu kabhi kushi kabhi gham berkumandang menandakan saya tgh sedih*

P/s: kalau ada kerja macam cuci pinggan ke,kemas rumah ke,kutip buah kelapa ke,potong rumput ke,baby sitter ke.saya sedia menerima. sebab kerja camni terus dapat upah. tayah tnggu sebulan. ini serius. :D

ouh2.td g sunway pyramid!!! tak,bukan batak pasal pegi sunway pyramid.
      tapi batak sbb nmpk handbag ni. OMAIGODEBADONKADONKETINGDONG!!!!
haa haa. cite die en,time tu en,daddy ada hal na setel kat sunway,dia beliau tinggal ktorng kat asian avenue kan. mula2 na hentak2 kaki gak ah sbb na pegi beli frozen yogurt tak dapat sebab daddy suroh tnggu kat asian avenue and sebab sunway luas sangat so daddy takut kitorang hilang.
       so so,kitorang jalan2 kat asian avenue tu kan,banyak kedai2 yg best2 and pelik2 and kadang2 tatau pun hape benda yg dia jual. tapi nmpak satu beg ni! OMAIGODEBADONKADONKETINGDONG!!!! awesome gilew yaww. apa budak2 hot slalu sebut tu? swag? hahaha. ha ye la. dat thang got some swaggg dawg. ha hape kebenda aku merepek ni. -_- okay,so aku memang nakkkk sangatttt handbag tu. I am not that girlish aweks who will faint or histeria if nmpk satu wardrobe penuh handbag and kasuts,but this time,dat OMAIGODEBADONKADONKETINGDONG handbag tu seriously,