16 November 2010

Boy: I was once told dat those who forgot the history will tend to repeat it.
Girl: Yeah. true.
Boy: I wish I dont have to remember my history wif u.
Girl: *shocked and sad* why? (almost cried)
Boy: because I want it to happen to me again.

(adapted by a true conversation)

WOW? it's gone?

i never taught dis cud happen in real life. i saw it in movie,drama,telenovela. once read it in novel,comic. but never imagined it will happen to me.. until now.

dis year is full of dramas.. no lie. if i cud write every day in my blog and compile it all together,it wud be the best selling novel-beating Twilight and Harry Potter.

whenever i thought this is the end,a voice in my head keep telling me this is the new beginning. yeah. all of those tears and laughter we'd shared together will always stay in my memory box. for the last three days i keep on crying. The Band's annual dinner nite,Salam Ukhwah wif the fifth formers,and in the train on my way home from Penang to KL..

another 30 years,all of us will gather together in different ways .( thank God we have alumni) we r goin to laugh on how we treat each other when we were younger and our children wud be friends.

thanks for everything. goodbye till we meet again. :')